Air Yeezy II

For the iconic Nike Air Yeezy 2, I worked at Nike Sportswear with footwear designer Nate VanHook, Director Andreas Harlow and Kanye's team to develop the graphic package to accompany his release. To evolve his first shoe, primal and mythological ideas were tied in, which translated to bringing in the sun god Horus as the main graphic, hieroglyphs hidden in the strap, and small obelisks as shoelace tips. The actual tongue graphic itself is molded rubber, which becomes functional as a tab for pulling the shoe on and off. Photography by Sole Collector.

Additionally, the shoe store Phenom in Minneapolis, Minnesota, asked The Pressure to create some work inspired by the release to accompany their Yeezy 2 launch. By taking the Horus graphic and evolving it into a more illustrative piece we created an image that could hold a release campaign and accompany apparel tie-ins.