Nike+ FuelBand Visuals

Iconic product visuals created for Nike's unveiling of a revolutionary new product called the Nike+ FuelBand, designed to track everyday physical activity and convert it into a new metric called NikeFuel. By wearing the product all day long, you get a distilled overview of your level of physical activity, and the ability to challenge yourself to do more through goal setting and social media challenges. 

A hugely important moment for the Nike brand, the launch of the FuelBand was a collaboration between the Nike Brand Design, Nike Digital Sport and Nike Brand Innovation teams, as well as several agency partners. The images were leveraged during the product launch event, as lead marketing campaign visuals both in-store and online, on product packaging and as advertising.

Creative direction by Heather Amuny-Dey and Darrin Crescenzi. Rendering and CGI by XYZ Graphics and Staudinger + Franke.