Various Albums

12" design for instrumental album featuring two Chicago-based beatmakers. They let me name the album, and I thought that "SWORD" was appropriate.

Lazerbeak / Edison - Kill Switch

Playful, experimental hand-done type as a bold analogue to the experimental and organic beats of Lazerbeak and Edison.

Void Pedal - Omni Color

Trippy, bold, psychadelic-twist colors and pattern to go along with the psychadelia-based instrumentals of beatmaker Void Pedal.

Maker & Joe Beats - Falcon by Design

A fancy looking bird of prey on a disembodied hand and overprinted for this great collection of instrumentals by producer luminaries Maker and Joe Beats.

Dark Time Sunshine - Adultland

Cape Cowen and Zavala of Dark Time Sunshine asked me to design the cover to their single Adultland. There are references in the song to "cabarets full of gentlemen" and zeppelins. I thought that envisioning the two members as a "gentleman" and a "zeppelin pilot" made sense.